Hi! I’m Ingrid, and I’m so glad you’re here! Sewing is the perfect retreat, my hideway from a busy live with a part-time job, husband and two teenage kids. I’m a forty something, living in the southern part of Germany.

I’m a self-trained sewist, learning a little more about my own style with each make. But actually I started sewing a couple years ago only creating all kinds of bags, totes and other little things as presents for my friends and family. But somehow, I discovered Instagram and all those stunning ladies sewing their own clothes, creating a whole DIY wardrobe. I was pretty fascinated by that and started sewing some things for myself.

I created a small business on my own, selling totes and even some clothes on demand. People keep asking me when I’d be doing all that sewing..while having to deal with a “real job” and taking care of my family… Well honestly, if you love what you’re doing there’s always a way to get in done! I sure couldn’t do it without the support of my family!

So on this blog, I’m writing mainly about the patterns I tried and fell in love with. Sometimes I also write about travel destinations we went to and are really fascinated by so I feel the urge to tell the world all about..;)

And you’ll find some of my totes I am selling. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to translate my shop yet. But I’m working on it! Since I even had to create my whole website all on my own, things are sometimes taking a little longer to get them done.

Enjoy reading!!